Father’s Reaction To His Daughter’s ‘Lady Issues’ Goes Viral For All The Right Reasons

This guy gets it.

Photo courtesy of Kiera Platt.

Let’s face it, most fathers aren’t very comfortable discussing menstruation — and studies show that cultural taboos make periods an uncomfortable topic across the globe. This culture of silence creates a dangerous health gap which puts people who menstruate in danger, especially in the developing world.

A recent text exchange between a 25-year-old woman and her father about her period has nearly 70,000 likes because of the fun way they handle the subject. It’s a great example of father-daughter communication that we could use more of.

In January, Kiera from Long Beach, New York, had to leave work because she was having “lady issues.” Her father, Mitch, responded as though she got into a fight with a coworker.

Keira put the funny exchange on Twitter, where many saw Mitch as a real ride-or-die dad.

via Kiera Platt


Later, Kiera revealed her dad was just joking. “He’s the master of dad jokes,” Kiera told BuzzFeed. “When I was a teenager I used to feel embarrassed by it but now I embrace it. I couldn’t imagine his sense of humor being any other way.”

And don’t worry, this wasn’t the first time Kiera has tweeted her dad’s hilarious texts.