London Calling for Cycle Hire Program

The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has announced plans to develop a bike-hire program that would bring 6,000 cycles and 400 docking stations to England's capital city. He likened the idea to a new version of hailing a cab: docking stations (pictured) would be located ever 300 meters or so, thereby providing convenient mobility to short-distance-traveling residents and city-goers.Johnson is (awesomely) pledging that his bike hire scheme will incite a "cycling revolution." If all goes as planned, this undertaking could translate to an increase of 40,000 daily bike trips in the city, which would offer relief to London's streets and serve as a boon to public health.We can't help but think of Paris's VĂ©lib program, in which the first half-hour on the bike was free (though fares increased dramatically afterward), and with which there may or may not have been logistical problems (though this news inspires us regardless of possible hiccups).As the planning isn't finished, no pricing information has yet been announced. How many pounds would you pay for an hour, day, or week of two-wheeled travel?