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Los Angeles Will Pay Residents to Recycle Los Angeles Will Pay Residents to Recycle

Los Angeles Will Pay Residents to Recycle

by Andrew Price

March 12, 2010
Los Angeles is about to start a new pilot program with the innovative company RecycleBank. About 15,000 homes will be eligible for the program. Their recycling bins will be tagged, and with every pickup the weight of the stuff they recycle will be recorded. Based on how much they recycle, each household will get RecycleBank "points" that they can redeem at businesses such as CVS, Bed Bath & Beyond, and El Pollo Loco, among others. Apparently, the total tally could reach the equivalent of $400 a year per household.This system will be great for the city: One ton of recycling brings Los Angeles $25 dollars. The alternative, disposing of one ton of trash in a landfill, costs the city $30. The hope is that this program eventually pushes the city from its current rate of 65 percent recycling up to something north of 70 percent, and allows us to earn free toothpaste and tacos in the process. Excellent news.Photo (cc) from Flickr user Samuel Gordon.
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Los Angeles Will Pay Residents to Recycle