Brilliant New Anti-Coke Ad Shows What Organs The Drink Damages

The dangers of drinking Coke might seem distant. This artist brings it all home.

Image via Behance

While some of us might be sketchy on the details, most of us know by now that Coke is terrible for your health. And terrible is probably an understatement: the drink, along with other sodas, puts consumers at increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, tooth decay, and infertility. Even the most obscene conspiracy theorists concede that Coke isn’t exactly a vitamin-rich delicacy.

But, given how delicious the drink can be/almost always is, it can be difficult to remember just how bad it is for you. That’s why Nicaraguan artist Fabio Pantoja stepped in and designed a clever new anti-coke ad, designed to remind all consumers (including himself) how dangerous the drink secretly is. As the artist explains on his Behance page, “More than a critic to CocaCola, it’s a critic to myself, to see if I can finally stop drinking this poison once and for all!”

To illustrate his point, Pantoja rewrote the word coke using the organs of the body the drink directly—and adversely—affects. It’s a super smart twist on an old theme, constantly in need of refreshing.

Image via Behance

(Via: Behance)