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Our Top Five Education-Themed Infographics

This infographic was produced by GOOD and Hyperakt with support from University of Phoenix

For many people, old and young, September marks not only the start of fall, but also the start of the school year. As students are packing the backpacks and ordering their class books, we thought we'd take a look in to our archive of GOOD infographics to explore educational topics from what degrees are most popular (take a look above) to students who come to the U.S. to study.

No More Sounds of Music?

A collaboration between GOOD and Design Language

With budget cuts swirling and states grappling with how to best respond, we wanted to direct our attention to a common casualty of the chopping block: music and arts education. Because when resources are tight, it's frequently the first to fall by the wayside. And we know it works: High school music students score higher on their SATs in both verbal and math than their peers. Before any more money gets slashed from the budget, we wanted to know how our nation's eighth graders were faring when it comes to music instruction.

For Wealthy Chinese Students, Studying Abroad Becomes the Norm

A collaboration between GOOD and Column Five

China spends a relatively small percentage of its budget on education, ranking 101st of 187 countries included in a recent United Nations Development Program report. That fact, combined with a reverence for the prestige of western nations' elite schools, has prompted a growing number of wealthy Chinese parents to send their children abroad for high school and college.

How Teachers Think Technology Works Best in the Classroom

A collaboration between GOOD and Kiss Me I'm Polish

Today's students are technologically savvy and spend hours a day online. Why are we still trying to teach them with textbooks when we have a wealth of digital options? These are teachers' responses after being asked to gauge the effectiveness of various forms of educational materials.

Where is the Next Generation of Innovators?

A collaboration between GOOD and Column Five

Everyone from business leaders to President Obama is calling for more young leaders in the areas of science, math, engineering, and technology. But many young people say they aren't even considering careers in these fields. Why not? A recent survey asked them to explain their hesitance.

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