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Amazing Husband Planted Thousands of Flowers for His Blind Wife to Smell

by Tod Perry

February 19, 2016
Via YouTube

Throughout their 30-year marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki worked hard raising two kids and running a dairy farm. Once they retired, the couple set out on a journey to see all of Japan. Sadly, one week into the trip, Mrs. Kuroki lost her sight as a result of complications from diabetes. At just 52, she became depressed and lived as a shut-in on their farm. 

To help his beloved wife overcome her depression, Mr. Kuroki began planting pink shibazakura flowers around their home. He hoped they would attract visitors and encourage his wife to come out of seclusion. Mr. Kuroki also knew that the fragrant flowers would be a delight to his wife’s sense of smell. So for two years he planted thousands of flowers all around their home.

Ten years later, as many as 7,000 visitors a day come to their home during springtime to see the flowers in full bloom. They also come to say hi to Mrs. Kuroki, who they’ll find walking happily through the gardens. 


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Amazing Husband Planted Thousands of Flowers for His Blind Wife to Smell