Pollution Detecting Clothing Is Here

Two NYU students have designed clothes that can tell you when you're in contact with too much carbon monoxide. Stay fashionable, breathe easier.


Leave it up to a duo stuck on the fashionable yet smoggy island of Manhattan to come up with the first clothing line that can help you breathe easier.

Nien Lam and Sue Ngo, two graduate students in NYU's interactive telecommunications program, said they wanted to make a statement about air pollution while also remaining conscious of fashion. Drawing inspiration from the Hypercolor T-shirts of yore, the "Warning Signs" line was born.

There are currently just two shirts, one emblazoned with a heart and the other emblazoned with a pair of lungs. The organs have blue veins that glow when in contact with high levels of carbon monoxide.

Next up, says Ngo, is alcohol sensing clothing whose liver lights up when you get too drunk.