Possibly the Most Terrifying Video of the Tsunami Yet

A port city is inundated with water in seconds in this almost unbelievable footage.


A large amount of tsunami footage has already made its way to the computer and television screens of people around the world, but this video of the port city of Kesennuma may just be the most gruesome of all of it. There are no drowned bodies or shots of gore, but the speed with which the tsunami rose, and the way the deluge tossed entire parking lots of cars like they were flower petals, is on full display here, and it's chilling.

Worse still, notes the Daily Dish, the flooding depicted in this video was just the beginning of Kesennuma's horrors:

Having been first shaken and then inundated by water, Kesennuma was finally burnt, in a fire kindled by the first two disasters. Large tuna fishing ships in the harbour smashed into one another and caught alight. They were carried by successive waves into neighbourhoods that burnt to the ground after the waters had withdrawn. As the tsunamis rose and then receded, those who survived witnessed an unprecedented sight: the sea overwhelming the land, not only with water, but with fire.