Project: Design a School Garden Winners Announced! Project: Design a School Garden Winners Announced!

Project: Design a School Garden Winners Announced!

by Alissa Walker

July 8, 2010







Smoothie Garden
Victoria Elliot
Miami Beach, Florida

Finally, the jurors decided to give one special commendation to a mother who not only submitted a great idea, but was putting it into practice at her kids' school. We'll let her explain:  

"I call it the smoothie garden because it involves growing delicious fruits that can be put into frozen smoothies and sold to raise money for our school projects," she says. "Our garden will include several varieties of banana trees, carambola (star fruit), coconut, pineapple tops from a local Whole Foods juice bar, papaya, and mangoes. Of course, we are in the tropics and not all of the United States can sustain these exact fruits, but the idea is to grow fruits that are immediately delicious and enticing to little ones. Fruits that they can pick themselves and can be frozen and whipped up into yummy shakes that are as nutritious as they are sweet."

Bravo! We wanted to commend her innovation as well as her dedication.

So, what happens next? All six design teams will be invited to a one-day workshop with the Los Angeles-based landscape architect Mia Lehrer to refine their proposals. Working closely with LAUSD, proposals will be matched to local schools due to site appropriateness, maintenance resources, and available funding. Designers will be encouraged to participate in the building of the gardens and at least one garden will be installed in a Los Angeles school by October—with hopefully more to come.

We had also planned to produce a toolkit for the five winning garden designs that LAUSD could share with their schools. But the jurors realized that there were valuable ideas in all 40 submissions, so, with the permission of each of the teams, we plan to produce a guide, perhaps as a downloadable PDF, containing all 40 submissions as a kind of "40 great ideas for your outdoor classroom." Stay tuned for that, and for updates on the workshop and garden as it gets underway. And thanks to everyone who submitted for your fantastic ideas!

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Project: Design a School Garden Winners Announced!