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Project: Send Us a Photo of Something Broken and Something Fixed

Find evidence of problems and solutions in your city.

In the course of preparing for our examination of Los Angeles and 21st-century cities, we received an overwhelming number of suggestions for stories about people and businesses that are changing the way we solve problems. Two that stick out are SeeClickFix and CitySourced, which facilitate civic engagement in the digital age. You take a picture of a problem in your city—like a dangerous pot-hole or an out-of-service stop light—and use their apps to send that photo to your local government. The result is a quicker-than-normal fix and a warm glow from helping to maintain the health of your city.

In the same spirit, we’re asking you to participate in a conceptual project that pits something broken against something fixed. We want you to survey your neighborhood for something that needs a fix (like a parking meter that reads “FAIL” on its display) and for something that’s recently gotten a fix (like a garden planted in a previously blighted, empty lot). All you need is a camera and a sense of civic pride.

Think of it as A Tale of Two Cities, told in pictures.

The Objective
Find evidence of problems and solutions in your city.

The Assignment
Take a photo of something broken and another photo of something that’s been fixed.

The Requirements
Send your two photos to They can be any format, but they should large enough that we can print them at 300 DPI. We’ll turn the best entries into a crowdsourced Picture Show on our website, at which point you can vote for the overall winner, whose work will appear in the next issue of the magazine.

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