Right Now: Force Ad Execs to Drink Eggnog For Charity in Online Game

Control a robot to shoot ping-pong balls into egg nog. Win money for charity.

Click over to this website. Wait your turn (my wait time is currently somewhere around 30 minutes) and then control a robot to shoot a ping-pong ball into some cups of egg nog. Do so succesfully and some Saatchi LA employees have to drink up. More importantly, every on-target shot donates money to the Amanda Foundation, Free Arts for Abused Children, and New Directions.

You can watch the current play on camera as you wait. The costumed Saatchi employees are really amusingly struggling for material right now.

The ball-chucking NogBot, as its called, was built by our friends at Deeplocal, who just finished a round of Transparencies for us.