Sarah Palin: Guilty of Eye Rolling?

The maverick strikes again. Recently, while filming an episode for "Sarah Palin's Alaska," her forthcoming show on TLC, Sarah Palin encounters Kathleen Gustafson, a disgruntled local, who has unfurled a giant banner read that reads, "Worst Governor Ever."

Around the 1:10 mark, Palin asks what Gustafson, a teacher, does for a living. At which point, Palin turns to her daughter, Bristol, and appears to roll her eyes.

In response, Palin took to her Facebook page, lambasting the LSM (that's lamestream media) for turning it into "another one of their spin operations":

If they had checked their facts first, they would have known that I come from a family of teachers; my grandparents were teachers, my father was a teacher, my brother is a teacher, my sister works in Special Needs classrooms, my aunt is a school nurse, my mom worked as a school secretary for much of her professional life, we all volunteer in classrooms, etc., etc., etc. Given that family history, how likely is it that I would “roll my eyes” at someone telling me that they too work in that honorable profession? Stay classy, LSM.


Did she or didn't she? You be the judge.