Sellouts: A Video of What Groupon Could Have Been Sellouts: A Video of What Groupon Could Have Been

Sellouts: A Video of What Groupon Could Have Been

by Ben Jervey

June 5, 2011

This is the same guy who is now a billionaire coupon magnate!

Taken side-by-side, this video describing what might have been and the IPO letter that attests to Groupon's success provide a fascinating contrast. It's obvious that Mason still holds in his heart the ideals the lead him to launch the collective action platform. Or at least he wants to portray himself as a tech tycoon with a consceince in the mold of Larry and Sergey from Google. Either way, it is hard to begrudge Mason for abandoning a passion project when the payoff of "selling out" is so incredibly massive.

Still, I really do mourn what was lost as got shoved aside for what is, ultimately, a platform to fuel consumer culture. And I don't quite understand why—given the company's incredible spending—not even a tiny fraction of that money is directed to breathing life back into Mason's original passion: collective action for cause.

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Sellouts: A Video of What Groupon Could Have Been