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Sponsored: Leave Your Car Behind with the 2 Mile Challenge

Sign up for the 2 Mile Challenge and every bike trip you log will count for $1 towards a monthly featured charity.

This post is in partnership with CLIF Bar

For city dwellers across America, the car has long-since been the transportation tool for every job. In the U.S., 40 percent of all trips happen within 2 miles—with 90 percent of those made by car. Energy food company CLIF Bar recognized the opportunity to rethink the way it looked at daily transportation. The CLIF Bar 2 Mile Challenge (2MC) was created five years ago, beginning as a fun competition between the company's staffers and their family and friends. Continuing strong, the program is now an avenue by which the Emeryville, California-based company is showing a continued commitment to the future of bikes-as-transportation, calling everyone to join to create more positive impact in communities across the country, one bike trip at a time.

Motivation is the key to leaving your car keys at home—opt instead to go by bicycle. CLIF Bar’s experience running the 2MC finds that biking to work or to the store, joining up with friends for an afternoon ride, or just to take in some fresh air is made easier with a little “skin in the game.” This year, each individual biking effort counts towards real impact. Throughout the rest of 2012, CLIF Bar will give away $100,000 to regional nonprofit organizations that support biking. Sign up for the 2 Mile Challenge (it's free) and every bike trip logged will count as $1 going to helping a monthly featured charity.

Register now and then get on your bike! It’s simple to log your bike trips and help pedal the goodness forward inside or the new iPhone App integration.

May’s featured organization is BikeWalkKC. Learn more about them here, and see how many others have taken the challenge and swapped their car for a bike. Join the ride and help CLIF Bar support those organizations working hard towards a more bike-friendly America!

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