Talk To The Hand

In the days of yore (1989 to be exact), we saw the inception of Mattel's NES controller The Power Glove, the two-decades-old predecessor to the Wii remote, and the choice accoutrement of the antagonist from classic game-nerd film The Wizard ("I love the Power Glove. It's so bad!").

And a good measure of scientific progress is holding it up to its modern comparison: Today, Georgia Tech researchers are developing the next next generation of remote control technology-a tongue-controlled touch-pad. It's been called "grotesque," but obviously harnesses vast potential for paralytics-users could conceivably manipulate their surroundings entirely by moving their tongue. [Superfluous sexual innuendo omitted.] But there's much work yet to be done, one of the biggest challenges being to trim down the accompanying headgear, which, apparently, "looks like a prop from a 1980s movie."

Image: From hand to mouth in 20 short years.

Thanks Timmy