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An Introvert's Guide To Talking To Your Crush

‘Many introverts go into the dating field with a sort of one-down feeling’

For most introverts, it feels totally overwhelming and completely against their natures to ask someone out on a date. But, according to author and self-professed introvert, Sophia Dembling, introverts have a unique set of skills that make them wonderful to date, once you get past the awkward “wanna go out with me?” phase. “I think many introverts go into the dating field with a sort of one-down feeling,” Dembling told Mic. “It can feel like nobody will notice you among all those bubbly extroverts. The way I think of it: Extroverts sparkle, introverts glow. If you appreciate your own quiet glow, other people will see it too.”

Dembling believes that introverts are often unaware of the impact they make on others and may not notice when someone is flirting with them. When she was in high school she “assumed nobody noticed introverted me, but years and years later, when I reunited with people from high school (thank you Internet), I learned that actually, many boys had noticed me,” she told Mic. “In fact, a guy I’d had a secret crush on back then admitted he’d felt the same. Too late to do anything with it, but, as he said, ‘Nice to know.’ ”

The video above, “An Introvert’s Guide to Talking to Your Crush,” does a great job at highlighting the flirting skills that extroverts seem to perform effortlessly. So, in addition to embracing your “inner glow,” make eye contact, smile, and do small gestures to show you care, and it may help your crush realize that you’re hot-date material. The more closer the two of you become, the easier it’ll be to pop the question.

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