The Art of the Handbuilt Bicycle The Art of the Handbuilt Bicycle

The Art of the Handbuilt Bicycle

by Brittany Wong

May 26, 2010
The best custom bike designs call on equal parts engineering and design prowess. In recognition of the oft-underlooked craftsmanship of the custom bike trade, New York City's Museum of Art and Design is hosting "Bespoke: The Handbuilt Bicycle." Cool Hunting offers a peek at some of the 21 artfully-designed bikes on display, a collection that includes road racing, fixed-gear, mountain, commuter, and cyclocross bikes.
Special attention is paid to Vanilla Bicycles' Sacha White, an up-and-coming custom bike builder from Portland known for a fleet of racing, commuter, and touring bicycles. Building upon his knowledge of frame-building history, White's bikes are renowned in the bike community for their "flawless construction, innovative concepts and painstakingly filed silver lugs for ultra-smooth connections." 

Looking at the two custom bikes by White shown above, Cool Hunting writes:
The two he completed this year see the craftsman experimenting with new models, a children's utility bike and a track-racing bike dubbed Speedvagen, built with the help of Dario Pegoretti. Both incorporate some ingenuity in their design. The roadster-style tricycle's large wheels and adjustable frame keep it looking proportional through the years, while the Speedvagen Track Machine has a built-in top tube reinforcement and hollow "tubular truss" dropouts—features that lend superior strength thanks to tricky engineering feats.
For those of you in the area, the show ends on August 15. To see more custom bike photos and read more about the personalities behind the designs, head over to Cool Hunting
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The Art of the Handbuilt Bicycle