The Most Generous People of 2009

Slate has just released its annual Slate 60 list, its annual list of those who gave the most money to philanthropic causes in the last year. The winner, surprisingly, isn't Bill Gates. Rather it's the the Druckenmillers, who have given $705 million to their foundation which funds medical research. Second is John Templeton (who is, in fact, making this list posthumously), who donated to "support research into the relationships between science and religion, and spirituality and health, and to support programs that promote free enterprise and character development." The Gateses, Bloomberg, and Louise Nippert round out the top five.The best news is that to crack the list this year, you only needed to give $10.6 million. Honor and glory are so tantalizingly close. Head over to Slate to see the full list of the most generous folks in America last year (excepting the fact that true generosity would probably be measured by what percent of a person's total assets were given, not a strict dollar amount, in which case, this list would probably look a lot different, since most of these people are still incredibly wealthy after their gift, while some poorer people probably give away far more generous percentages of what they earn).