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Today Show Unveils Colleges' 'Practical' Courses Today Show Unveils Colleges' 'Practical' Courses

Today Show Unveils Colleges' 'Practical' Courses

by Nikhil Swaminathan

February 14, 2010
This week, NBC's Today Show ran a segment on so-called "practical" courses being offered by universities around the country. (Unfortunately, can't embed here, so you have to click the above link.) These classes, which the show labels as "college courses you can actually use," run the gambit from a Berkeley class on The Simpsons and philosophy to "The History of Shopping" offered at Yale.As a devout Yankees-despiser, I tuned out when attention turned to a Rutgers class on Yankee Stadium. Also, I take issue with correspondent Jenna Wolfe's claim that algebra isn't useful in real life. I feel like I use it all the time.
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Today Show Unveils Colleges' 'Practical' Courses