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A Toddler's 'How-To' Video Shows She's A Better Mechanic Than Any Of Us

The three-year-old has also shown adults how to change locks and fix faucets

It’s always possible that you’ll get handier later in life, as many people do, but you’ll still have a lot of ground to cover if you’re hoping to catch up with the mechanical prowess of this three-year-old YouTube star. Under the username Little How To Girl, she hosts a series of videos that make DIY tasks so simple that even a toddler could ….

Well, you get the idea.

Episode 8 “How To Do An Oil Change” just aired a few days ago, and the video reminds us that if this (admittedly handy) little girl can change a car’s oil, what excuse do we have as fully grown adults?

Should you seek more static reference points than her walk-through video provides, the people behind the video were helpful enough to lay out the seven steps necessary to get the job done:

1) Either use a car ramp or a jack to lift the car up. If you use a jack, make sure you use some wheel chocks to prevent the car from rolling, and always use a jack stand for extra protection.
2) Put some newspaper down to protect the ground from splashing oil. Position your oil pan underneath and then unscrew the plug.
3) Let the oil drain. Eat a cookie.
4) Unscrew the oil filter. Check to make sure the rubber gasket comes off with it.
5) Put in the new oil filter and screw the drain plug back it.
6) Using a funnel to prevent spillage, pour the new oil into the engine. If you're not sure how much to put in, use the oil dipstick to check.
7) You're done! Now just remember to take your old oil back to be recycled.

There you have it. Let this anonymous, charismatic, and capable toddler walk you through the everyday responsibilities that you may have thought were too daunting to tackle. Just don’t forget the cookie. That’s a crucial element of the whole process.

Earlier in the series, she shows her audience

How To Change A Lock ...

… and How To Fix A Leaky Faucet

Enjoy the cuteness, but remember: You’re officially out of excuses now.

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