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Transform a Public Space Project: The Top 5 Ideas Transform a Public Space Project: The Top 5 Ideas

Transform a Public Space Project: The Top 5 Ideas

by GOOD Partner

October 24, 2012

Education on the GO as submitted by Rumi Samadhan

Idea: Ingrain Reclaimed Street Furniture Project

Idea: The Pavilion Harp

Idea: Priority Seating for Conversation

Idea: Public2

Idea: Education on the GO

Submitted by: Rumi Samadhan

This project will be executed in Dharavi (one of Asia’s largest slums) in Mumbai, India. Here, education is a way out of poverty. Thus, students can learn their ABCs, while frolicking. These are educational alphabetical tiles cemented on the ground with both regional languages and English for young Dharavi kids to learn while playing. Sing-along nursery song tiles / posters on the sides of the hut walls will provide the needed fun and education for the young ones. Some of the wall spaces could be utilized to color and wipe on the large coloring boards. Poem tiles will give the young ones a song to sing in each by lane.

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Transform a Public Space Project: The Top 5 Ideas