Turns Out Bike Lanes Are Really Good for Local Business

Good news for bike activists: Making a safe place on streets for cyclists (and pedestrians) boosts sales for the small businesses in the area.
This according to a recent report from the New York Department of Transportation. The study found that on commercial blocks where new bike lanes were built, the businesses saw a nearly 50 percent increase in sales.
"In other words," writes, "streets can also grow local economies." Nothing to sneeze at.
It stands to reason—especially in New York where parking is near-impossible, but locking your bike at the nearest sign post while you pop into an enticing shop is no big shake.
If better personal health, better air quality, less congestion, and saving the planet isn't enough to tip the traffic balance in favor of cycling, maybe following the money will do the trick.
You can read the full study here:

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Original image via (cc) flickr user Spencer T.\n