Video: Soy Seeking Bunnies Cripple Cars at Denver Airport

Bunnies are on the loose, and they like organic food. They are eating the soy-infused wiring in some parked cars causing a no-start situation.

Denver International Airport is striking for its bold tent architecture evocative of the Rocky Mountain peaks on the horizon. The whole thing feels outdoorsy, wild, and now the parking lot has an animal problem to match, according to this local news report from KDVR.

Bunnies are on the loose, and they like organic food. So they are, allegedly, eating soy-infused wiring in some parked vehicles, causing the cars to not be able to start. But only on newer ones. Bunnies don't like the old all-rubber wired jalopies it seems. They want plant food (no word on why exactly they prefer the automotive variety and not the natural kind in the plateau nearby the airport).

Since 2002, soy has been an eco-friendly, cost-efficient substitute for petroleum-based products in many cars. Ford is a leader on the soy substitution front. John DeCostanza at compiled this list of soy benefits in cars according to information from Ford.

  • It serves as a 25 percent replacement for petroleum based oil in the production process

  • It more than doubles rubber’s stretchability over petro-based rubber

  • It has been used for some time in foam applications such as seat cushions, seatbacks and headliners

  • More than 2 million existing Ford vehicles have this technology on board

  • Ford is applying for a patent so that soy based rubber can be used in additional parts such as deflector shields and baffles, radiator deflector shields, cup holder inserts and floor mats

  • \n

According to (nearly) bunny stranded motorist, Dexter Meyer, airport officials told him they are going to increase patrols for the rabbits ... yes, really.

Note that KWGN goes live to the parking lot to cover this fluff story, and opens with the fact that they've been on the case for five years. So what if its not major news, its a tasty look under the hood of a car with cleaner components.

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