Washington, D.C.'s Bike-Sharing Program Goes Big

It's sweeping the nation: America's capital becomes the latest U.S. city with a major bike-sharing program.

Good news: Washington, D.C.'s bike-sharing program is expanding in a big way .

From just 10 stations and about 100 bikes downtown, one of the first municipal bike sharing programs in the country is ballooning by a factor of 10: 100 stations and about 1,100 bikes are to spread around Washington and across the river in Arlington, Va., by the end of October.

The system officially opens to the public on Monday with 400 bikes at 49 stations.

Membership is $75 a year. And for those keeping score, Washington is joining Denver and Minneapolis as U.S. cities will full-scale bike-sharing programs. New York and Miami have programs in the works.

Image ( cc ) from Flickr user cekrypton2