Watch This Guy Take Down the Dude Who Stole His Bike

Don't try to come between a guy from Portland and his $2,500 ride.

Have you seen that episode of Portlandia where that one dude gets his bike stolen, finds it for sale on Craigslist, and then successfully stages a sting operation involving area-code-masking text messages way up in Seattle ("land of the stolen bicycle")?


OK, no it wasn't Portlandia. This is what actually happens in this 8-minute video that was posted on Reddit yesterday and has since bounced around the blogs where we found it from our friends at Grist. It even includes the phrase "this is a citizens arrest!"

Our favorite quote?

"This is why you don't steal from a bicyclist," bellows the vigilante cyclist (from the seat of a presumably borrowed bike) at the fleeing thief. "Because we care about our rides! Because I will go 160 miles to get my $2,500 bike back!"

We are again reminded of Reddit's dizzying ability to digitally tar and feather. By the way, the response time for a reported stolen bicycle in Seattle is no joke.

via Michael Belanger / Flickr

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