Find Out What Everyone Will Be Talking About in Fitness and Health Next Year—Now

Seaweed is the new kale.

Image via (cc) Flickr user Matt Madd

Seaweed is the new kale, minerals are the new vitamins, and it’s all about matcha. Well + Good, the up-to-the-nanosecond health and fitness site, is offering the top wellness trends of 2016—basically what you will be sick of hearing about by next December. Some of it seems inevitable (beauty and spa treatments will go the way of Uber while meditation will get a social scene); some of it seems very Portlandia (artisanal nut milks and the rise of “super herbs”); and some of it is hopeful and optimistic (that we are working out more for our mental health than to fit the right dress). Regardless, read this and you can then nod smugly this summer when your friend says, “Did you know that it’s better to clean your skin with oil?”