Stall them by tying them up in red tape, of course. At least that's the fear-one that lobbyists say Congress is overlooking in their rush to jampack the stimulus package with all kinds of green jobs and projects. All of which we applaud, and you should too, but what happens next? Ironically, warns this Politico piece, it's actually the National Environmental Policy Act that may trip up the plans."Any environmental group that doesn't think an environmental evaluation on that federal project was adequate can go to court over it," said David Weinberg, environment and business lobbyist for Wiley Rein. "Everyone from a NIMBY to a person concerned about a particular species of animal can bring a suit. It is inevitable this is going to delay and stop some projects."We say everyone needs to buck up and get used to the idea of windfarms in our sightlines. They might not be as pretty as uninterrupted views for miles (though, really? I think they're plenty pretty), and they may move around some animals who don't deserve to be moved around, but they're a hell of a lot easier on the eyes than the post-apocalyptic mess that comes to mind if we don't get our energy policy in order.(via Infratructurist)