You F*$#ing Swear You'll Give to Charity?

Pledge a dollar for each smutty tweet with the Charity Swear Box.

Are you generous with foul language on Twitter? A new website is asking digital potty-mouths to translate their four-letter words into philanthropic donations. The aptly named Charity Swear Box does for tweets what the glass jar on your counter does for real-life speech, encouraging swearers to pledge a dollar per smutty tweet to charity.

Here's how it works: Pass along your Twitter info to Charity Swear Box, which will scan your tweets for a user-generated list of naughty words. At the end of the month, the site counts how many times you swore, then lets you know how much money you owe. It is, of course, just a suggested donation, and you get to pick the charity from a list of options including 50/50, which fights famine in East Africa, or the equally irreverent Fuck Cancer.

While the site's definition of a swear word might verge on the prude side—the words "sex" and "porn" count—so far the project has "caught" more than $33,000 worth of swears in a little more than two months. (It may come as no surprise that the f-bomb and s-word top the list of the most abused profanities.) The only problem with the project? There may be no incentive to actually quit swearing when the money's going to a worthy cause.


Photo via (cc) Flickr user Dave Dugdale