Many Republican Mayors Are Secretly Advancing Climate-Friendly Policies

Large-city Republican mayors shy away from climate network memberships, but they advocate for policies that advance climate goals for other reasons, such as fiscal responsibility and public health.

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and California Gov. Jerry Brown. Photo by Lenny Ignelzi/AP.


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The Federal Government Has Long Treated Nevada As A Nuclear Dumping Ground

Nevadans pointed out the safety risks in moving nuclear waste along highways and railroads to their state.

A 2015 tour of an entryway into the proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository. Photo by John Locher/AP Photo.

Nevadans can be forgiven for thinking they are in an endless loop of “The Walking Dead” TV series. Their least-favorite zombie federal project refuses to die.

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Artist Imagines How Climate Change and Technology Will Alter Earth Forever

Russian artist creates eerie illustrations of the future of our planet.

Russian designer Evgeny Kazantsev has created a series of surreal illustrations that imagine what the world would look like once natural disasters and technology drastically alter human existence.

In Cataclysm Happens, Kazantsev constructs an eerie picture of the effects of climate change on humanity.

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This Simple Graphic Shows How Many More Jobs Solar Power Creates Than Coal

The DOE data makes it clear that solar is the bigger job creator now and in the future

In recent weeks, Donald Trump has spoken on several occasions about his desire to revive the coal industry for the sake of preserving and creating jobs. But 2016 data shows shifting focus away from sustainable energy sources back to fossil fuels may preserve the jobs of those in the coal industry, the net effect will ultimately cost America hundreds of thousands of new jobs per year.

This graphic from The New York Times breaks down last year’s job creation data (provided by the Department of Energy) by type and by fossil fuels and sustainable sources in the aggregate.

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