Everything You Need To Know About Renewable Energy In One Infographic

The first step towards an energy-efficient future is knowing all the facts

Image via Pixabay

You’ve heard it all before—fossil fuels are terrible for the environment and our insatiable consumption of them will likely end us all. But our outlook on the future doesn’t necessarily have to be so doom and gloom. Yes, non-renewable energy sources release toxic emissions into the air that contribute to global warming, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to reverse the detrimental cycle.

A new infographic released by ConsumerProtect spells out the dangers of non-renewable resources, how existing alternatives can provide clean, renewable energy, and what we can do as individuals to protect the planet and ourselves. It’s a one-stop shop for all things energy-related and can give us a well-rounded snapshot of the current state of fuel-efficiency. Keep scrolling to see for yourself—and back in the real world, don’t forget to switch out those incandescent light bulbs for energy-saving LEDs. When it comes to reversing climate change, every little bit counts.

Clean Air, Green Earth: An Arsenal of Tech to Protect Our Planet [Infographic]