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Nearly One Fourth of American Children Live in Poverty, So Why Are Schools Trashing Their Lunches?

When many children are food insecure, for any school to intentionally inflict hunger is indefensible.

What would be the instinct of any normal adult faced with a group of hungry children? To feed them, of course. Especially adults entrusted with the care and well-being of children, by virtue of their employment in a public school. That's why what happened in Utah last week is inexplicable. A cafeteria nutrition manager (a stunning oxymoron), fed up with students' overdue balances on lunch accounts, went to Uintah Elementary in Salt Lake City and "seized and trashed" the lunches of about 30 students.

According to Jason Olsen, a Salt Lake City District spokesman, the child-nutrition department realized some students' families had outstanding balances on Monday, but the department's manager wasn't able to notify the school until after lunch had been served on Tuesday. So the department did what any humane, understanding person would do: They snatched the meals from the children and threw them in the trash.

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