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5 Modern Furniture Pieces Designed with Pets in Mind

This series is brought to you in partnership with Purina ONE®. These stories highlight how pets have provided creative inspiration in the worlds of technology, education, business, and beyond. Read more about how pets—and the people who love them—can brighten lives and strengthen our communities at the GOOD Pets hub.

Home is where the heart is, especially for pet owners. Where else do we spend the most quality time relaxing and playing with our four-legged best friends? Inspired by this natural companionship, a bevy of talented designers have created furniture made with both pet owners and pets in mind, balancing beauty with everyday functionality. From beds and dog bowl feeders to litter boxes and lounging chairs, these modern designs make a stylish statement by incorporating clever, pet-friendly twists.

Dog House Sofa

Images via m.pup

Dogs get their own special sofa space with a built-in lounging spot just for them. This stylishly modern, eco-friendly ash wood piece by Korean design firm m.pup contains an adjacent dog bed in matching upholstery. Along with serving as a handy hideout for pooches, the top of the cubby makes a great armrest and end table.

Hide and Seek Litter Box Cabinet

Image via ModernistCat

This walnut midcentury modern-inspired side table is handmade in Seattle, Washington, by Etsy seller ModernistCat. Designed to keep litter boxes tucked out of sight, it has multiple color options and you can even decide whether you want the cat’s entrance to be a circle or a rectangle.

Mod Dog Lounger

Image via Vurv Design Studio

Canadian designer Glenn Ross created his Dog Pod 2.0 to be a stylishly sleek, canine-friendly companion to the classic Eames chair. The curved bent plywood provides a soothing den-like enclosure for dogs, and the removable fuzzy pad enhances the coziness.

Minimalist Dog Bowl Stand

Image via Eastvold

Simple yet clever, the Buster Feeder designed by Minnesota furniture-design company Eastvold is an elevated dual feeder and dog food storage bin in one. Either put water on one side and food on the other, or use the center tower to help keep two hungry pooches from eyeballing (or stealing) the other’s food.

Modern Cat Tree

Image via Lap Leopards

A Bengal cat-owning family created this sleek, modular cat climber for several rooms in their home using pieces of inexpensive LACK shelves from IKEA. The shelves liven up the look of walls while also giving curious cats a way to test their natural acrobatic and exploring instincts. Sure beats them getting stuck at the top of tall bookshelves—or worse, the oak tree outside.

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