A Gentleman's Call: Voting is Open A Gentleman's Call: Voting is Open

A Gentleman's Call: Voting is Open

by GOOD Partner

November 26, 2012

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Daniel Burstein

Adam Johnson

Corbin Clay

Tom Rachlin

Rance Loftsgard

What if you could help appease world hunger by eating a loaf of bread? Though the concept seems counter-intuitive, Rance Loftsgard has a dream to make it a reality. Loftsgard hopes to open artisanal bakeries in impoverished areas to turn delicious bread into needed revenue. Through a program called Bread4Change, the bakeries would create community centers and spur economic growth by providing culinary training, business education, and employment opportunities to underprivileged residents. The baked goods would be sold to local stores, grocers and restaurants for purchase.For every purchase, one loaf of bread would be donated to a family in need. At its core, the program will benefit, build and bake for a community in need to provide nourishment in more ways than one.

One of these finalists will receive $100,000 to make their idea happen. Select your favorite by voting here.

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A Gentleman's Call: Voting is Open