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Anatomy of a Bike Share Docking Station Installation

The NY Department of Transportation is installing hundreds of bike share stations around the city.

By: Kate Hinds

Thousands of New Yorkers have already signed up for Citibike, the city's bike share program.

In advance of next month's launch, the Department of Transportation is installing hundreds of stations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. On Tuesday, one came to the TransportationNation neighborhood. So we hoofed it down to the intersection of MacDougal and Prince Streets to check it out.


The station is located on a beautiful Soho block that's both residential and restaurant-heavy. (Side note: it's also home to a "virtual botanic garden"—but we digress.) When we arrived, a car whose driver had presumably ignored the "DO NOT PARK" signs was being towed away to make room for the station. As its car alarm blared, an elderly woman watching the street from an open third-floor window shouted down "this is going to ruin the block!" Meantime, a bike share staffer was using the opportunity to hand out information about the program to people on the sidewalk.


This particular station will have room for 30 bikes. It's located on the west side of MacDougal. The equipment was trucked in and installed in about an hour.


If you need a little ambient sound to get into the mood, listen to the sound of the bike share station being installed. You can also watch a Vine video here.

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Photos: Kate Hinds

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