Hero Successfully Shuts Down Anti-Gay Preacher with Bagpipes

This teen was tired of hearing hate in his town. So he fought back—with bagpipes.

In the war against hate speech, you’re likely to find a pretty traditional set of weapons: laws, policies, and painful college one-act plays. But sometimes, unconventional weapons can be just as effective. That’s why Daniel Boyle, tired of hearing a local anti-gay preacher scream about how “same sex marriage has ruined the economy,” decided to fight back with a very strange, but enormously powerful weapon: the bagpipe.

The clip, posted above, has since been viewed over a million times. In it, the preacher rants and raves about homosexuals, to the interest of seemingly no one around him. Despite his lack of an audience, the plucky young bigot plows along. That is until we hear the sound of a young musician and his bagpipes—one of the world’s most beautiful/most obnoxious instruments—jump in. For a few moments, the sound of one man’s horrible hate is drowned out not by campus protestors or local police but by …. traditional Scottish music.

It’s an unconventional response to a painfully conventional problem. Check out the full video clip in its full traditional glory, above.

(Via: The Daily Mirror)