As 'Binders Full of Women' Head Into Political Office, Can We Finally End the 'War on Women'?

As a decisive factor in Barack Obama’s victory, 55 percent of women voted for Obama.

The Republican Party’s “war on women,” who make up 51 percent of the American population, unsurprisingly turns out to be a bad political strategy. But the gains for women go beyond Republican men with extreme views on abortion losing their elections.

TIME has a run down of how women won the 2012 election:

  • New Hampshire will boast the nation’s first all-female congressional delegation;
  • White men will now be a minority in the House Democratic Caucus;
  • and there will be a record-setting 20 female U.S. Senators in 2013
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And Jezebel created a primer to get to know your trailblazing lady senators:

  • Tammy Baldwin is the first female senator from Wisconsin but also the first openly gay senator in the country;
  • In Obama’s home state, Mazie Hirono will be the first Asian American woman (and Buddhist) to serve in the Senate, as well as Hawaii's first female U.S. Senator;
  • Elizabeth Warren, a progressive favorite and the ultimate consumer advocate, will be the first woman to represent Massachusetts in the U.S. Senate;
  • and Claire McCaskill beat Todd "Legitimate Rape" Akin in the Missouri Senate race.
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With these recent victories in mind, it will be interesting to see how the GOP handles “whole binders full of women” in the future.

Image (cc) flickr user Paal Tonne