Aston Martin's Cygnet: Tiny Beauty, or Just a Toyota iQ with a New Grill?

Aston Martin aims to rebrand smallness and efficiency as luxury. But is its effort in earnest?

Aston Martin built its brand on elegant design and powerful machinery. But that its Cygnet city car concept resembles a Toyota's iQ (or a Smart Car) would seem to be a departure from the brand's history. But according to the following video, Cygnet aims to replicate the luxury experience of Aston Martin's other models, and in so doing, elevate small, efficient city cars to an aspirational status.


Awesome, right? Except what if it isn't?

Over at Core77, commenters are going back and forth between whether the Cygnet is an innovative take on Small Is Beautiful or merely a half-assed effort to meet EU fleet emission standards but dressing up a Toyota IQ in Aston Martin leather and grills.

What do you think, is this an earnest attempt to elevate the position of efficient cars or a cheap trick to improve the average mileage of Aston Martin's fleet?

via Jim Browing / YouTube

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