Would You Drive this Car?

Gordon Murray has designed some of the fastest cars in the world: the McLaren Formula 1 and McLaren F1 Supercar. According to Wired's Autopia blog, he has also made one of the smallest:

The British engineer finally unveiled his T.25 City Car, the Lilliputian runabout he’s spent three years developing. Although the 74-mpg T.25 and its T.27 electric sibling recall the microcars of post-war Europe, it’s quite advanced. Beyond using a tubular steel frame, composite materials and a canopy that opens like a Lamborghini’s doors, the T.25 will use a manufacturing process said to tremendously reduce capital, space and materials.


The T.25 is four feet wide and eight feet long, meaning you could fit three of them parked nose-to-curb in a single parking space (and drive two-abreast in normal traffic lanes). And according to Autopia, it's "designed around a safety cell," which is used in race cars, so it will be remarkably safe alongside far larger standard cars and trucks (though with it's "glacial acceleration," it's more of a city car than a freeway car. The manufacturer to whom Murray sold the rights expects the price tag will be $9,000.

Would you drive (or buy) it?

Photo by Gordon Murray Designs