Would You Drive this Car? Would You Drive this Car?

Would You Drive this Car?

by Patrick James

July 1, 2010

Gordon Murray has designed some of the fastest cars in the world: the McLaren Formula 1 and McLaren F1 Supercar. According to Wired's Autopia blog, he has also made one of the smallest:

The British engineer finally unveiled his T.25 City Car, the Lilliputian runabout he’s spent three years developing. Although the 74-mpg T.25 and its T.27 electric sibling recall the microcars of post-war Europe, it’s quite advanced. Beyond using a tubular steel frame, composite materials and a canopy that opens like a Lamborghini’s doors, the T.25 will use a manufacturing process said to tremendously reduce capital, space and materials.

The T.25 is four feet wide and eight feet long, meaning you could fit three of them parked nose-to-curb in a single parking space (and drive two-abreast in normal traffic lanes). And according to Autopia, it's "designed around a safety cell," which is used in race cars, so it will be remarkably safe alongside far larger standard cars and trucks (though with it's "glacial acceleration," it's more of a city car than a freeway car. The manufacturer to whom Murray sold the rights expects the price tag will be $9,000.

Would you drive (or buy) it?

Photo by Gordon Murray Designs

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Would You Drive this Car?