Postpartum ad campaign gets multiple rejections for containing the word ‘vagina.’

by Tod Perry

September 25, 2018
via FridaBaby

The human race couldn’t have made it very far without the vagina.

We owe it a debt of gratitude that we’ll never understand.


But how do we repay the beautiful part of the female body that allows life to happen in the first place? By never speaking its name in polite company.

There is a latent Puritanical force in American culture that still tells us we should feel ashamed about bringing up the vagina in public. In fact, we have to pay extra for cable just to see one on television.

FridaBaby, a company that makes products to please parents and their babies, has updated the packaging for its MomWasher, so it now features the tagline “Trust Us, Your Vagina Will Thank You.”

via FridaBaby

According to FridaBaby, the MomWasher “works upside down to make post-delivery healing for your vajayjay cleaner and easier. Simple, portable, a little adorable, the MomWasher is perfectly designed with new moms in mind.”

FridaBaby launched an ad campaign for its MomWasher featuring the tagline “Trust Us, Your Vagina Will Thank You.” But the ad has been straight-up rejected in more than a few markets.

Ad agencies are asking FridaBaby to change the line so it doesn’t offend the pearl-clutchers out there who can’t stand hearing the word “vagina.”


via FridaBaby
via FridaBaby
via FridaBaby

“We were surprised at [this] response, being that vagina is a body part,” Chelsea Hirschhorn, founder and CEO of FridaBaby, told POPSUGAR. “It’s a fact that after birth, a woman’s vagina — the anatomical term of where the baby came out of — will hurt and be swollen. There’s no reason we should be tip-toeing around this conversation.”

FridaBaby wants to help soothe the aching vaginas of women who gave all for us, and we can’t even say the word vagina in ad.

However, the progressive folks in New York City are totally fine with the word “VAGINA” being seen in public. FridaBaby’s ads will be featured at 22 subway stops throughout the city.

“People are now looking for complete candor and transparency from the brands they love and consume,” Hirschhorn told POPSUGAR. “The shift is already happening and will only continue for reproductive and postpartum care.”

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Postpartum ad campaign gets multiple rejections for containing the word ‘vagina.’