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Man Proposes To Girlfriend With An Ingenious Time Capsule Trick

He’s ruining it for men everywhere

via YouTube

A wedding proposal is one of the most memorable moments a couple’s life together. In heterosexual couples, the job usually falls on the man to come up with a clever way to present a ring and ask, “Will you marry me?” while bowed down on one knee. But some guys go above and beyond by proposing in an unforgettable way that makes the rest of the male population look bad. Recently, Canadian Troy Reddington did just that by proposing with a magic trick that would make Penn & Teller proud.

Five years ago, Jennifer Storrar and Troy Reddington—who were dating at the time—took a trip to a campsite on Eagle Lake in South River, Ontario. During their stay, the couple buried a time capsule. Three years later, Reddington came up with an ingenious plan. He went back to the campsite, dug up the capsule, and replaced its contents with a note. “It kind of struck me that this would really work,” Reddington told CTV News. “I’m not ready to get engaged yet but when I am, this is what I want to do.”

Last May, Reddington knew it was time he proposed. So he returned with Storrar to the campsite and asked her to dig up the time capsule. Initially, she was upset when she realized its contents were missing. Then she opened the capsule and found a note that said: “Will you marry me?” Reddington emerged from behind her with a ring and got down on one knee. Storrar couldn’t believe her eyes and began to cry. But through her tears she was still able muster a simple, three-letter response: “Yes.”

Since the video of the proposal was posted on YouTube in June it has received over 52,000 views. Reddington says most of the feedback he has received has been positive although some guys are a bit jealous of his creativity. “Most comments that I’ve received from men are ‘Thanks for ruining it for everyone else,’ ” he says. The couple intends on getting married in the next two to three years, after they save up money to buy a home.

Here’s video of the couple’s trip to the lake and the proposal which begins at 5:43.

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