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Join GOOD This Weekend For A Basic Income Create-a-Thon

It’s time to talk about ending income inequality.

Image via Flickr user Evan Ivanushkin (cc).

Whether you consider yourself a Bernie bro or not, this year’s election cycle has made it clear that the lack of income inequality in America is a major issue on the minds of voters. Income has stagnated or fallen for most Americans; the cost of living has increased exponentially since 1990; housing is less affordable than ever, and the financial security of average Americans hangs in the balance.

It’s clear that there’s no easy fix. But we can at least start talking about a solution. So we’re excited to team up with the Universal Income Project to throw our first-ever Create-a-Thon this weekend, all around the idea of a Univeral Basic Income (UBI). In theory, a UBI would provide Americans with an unconditional and universal direct income sufficient enough to cover basic needs. Some experts think that long-term, a UBI would abolish poverty, eliminate bureaucracy, and grant everyone economic security. But first, we want figure out whether (and how) we could make it happen.

If you’re a writer, artist, videographer, developer, musician, or researcher, you’re invited to stop by GOOD HQ between April 15 and 17 to develop UBI-related projects. Is there a compelling video, an engaging web app, or a cool art piece you’d like to create? At this Create-a-Thon, you’ll have the opportunity to share your ideas with other participants, receive feedback, and collaborate to turn your ideas into reality.

Learn more about the Universal Basic Income and register for the free Create-a-Thon here.

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