Thousands of BBC Listeners Rally for a Very Special Birthday

Cake, cards, roses and more pour in for Radio Sheffield listener Winnie Blagden’s centennial celebration.

Winnie Blagden is by all accounts a very “special lady.” So special, in fact, that the BBC’s Radio Sheffield found it impossible to ignore her 100th birthday this May 31st. So on its Facebook page the BBC urged followers to “...get Winnie some birthday cards and letters to open on her big day...and share this post so we can reach as many people as possible!”

The response to the BBC’s post has been incredible. In just one day people have offered gifts such as 100 roses, a fish-and-chips’ supper, a pamper package, and a cake. Thousands of birthday cards are expected to pour in to the BBC offices in and will be presented Mrs. Blagden on May 28th.

Mrs. Blagen lost her husband George, never had any children and, at her advanced age, has little connection to the outside world. But to her home caretakers she’s, “A very special lady and you will all help to make her day as special as she is.”

Here’s the BBC’s Facebook Post:

BBC Radio Sheffield