48 Things Men Hear in a Lifetime (That Are Bad For Everyone)

Men are raised to believe that traditionally feminine qualities are “bad.”

via YouTube

Last week, The Huffington Post released a two-minute video in which women of all ages and ethnicities revealed the subtle (and not so subtle) sexist overtures they hear on a regular basis. The video, entitled “48 Things That Women Hear in a Lifetime* (*That Men Just Don’t),” showed the constant barrage of sexist remarks women are forced to contend with throughout their lifetimes. To show how men also experience a similar form of sexism, The Huffington Post released a new video produced by former GOOD contributor Oliver Noble, “48 Things Men Hear in a Lifetime* (*That Are Bad for Everyone).”

The video shows how men who fail to conform to the rigid code of masculinity are routinely degraded with phrases such as “Man up” and “Don’t be such a pussy.” Men also deal with conflicting messages about how to manage their emotions. “Boys don’t cry”—but if you’re emotionally unexpressive as an adult, expect to be chastised for it. Finally, the video explains how, from a very young age, men are raised to view traditionally feminine qualities as “bad.”

(H/T The Huffington Post)