Biztopia Brings Additional Perspectives on Social Enterprise

Discover Biztopia, a new interactive microsite, showcasing social enterprises and the people behind them.

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Every day, the GOOD Business Social Enterprise hub brings you the latest news and insights about the "impact economy"—the sector of business where for-profit companies solve pressing human, environmental and economic challenges.

To help continue the conversation, GOOD has teamed up with FedEx to bring you Biztopia, a new interactive microsite that offers additional perspectives from the rapidly changing social enterprise sector. Check out Bizopia for new content including:

  • exclusive videos profiling social entrepreneurs, from a prosthetic maker who dreams of amputees being able to surf and snowboard to a recycling guru who can turn trash into paper
  • an infographic breaking down the basic hows and whys of the social enterprise sector
  • a news feed pulling in all the latest headlines from the GOOD Business Social Enterprise hub
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Visit Biztopia now and watch how social entrepreneurs—and the businesses that are supporting them—are redefining the business model for success.