Spend the Night in This Cozy Bookstore-Themed Japanese Hotel

Tokyo’s Book and Bed hostel is the perfect getaway for the literary-minded traveler.

For anyone who has fallen asleep in a library, or totally lost track of time in the corner of a bookstore, have we got the place for you. Tokyo’s soon-to-be-opened Book and Bed hostel will combine the snug hospitality of Japan’s capsule hotels with what it calls an “accomodation bookshop,” in which guests will be able to spend the night nestled in small compartments built directly into fully stocked bookshelves.

Originally set to open this past September, Book and Bed is now scheduled for a November 5 debut, according to a press release put out by the hotel. Book and Bed will launch with around 1,700 books lining its shelves, free for patrons to flip through at their leisure, with plans to nearly double that number, according to Bored Panda.

Guests can choose to stay in either a standard bunk (4.25 by 6.7 feet) or a compact one (2.6 by 6.7. feet). Toilets and restrooms are all communal. Granted, this isn’t exactly a spacious suite, to be sure, but that’s not what the hotel is going for, either. They write:

The perfect setting for a good nights sleep is something you will not find here. There are no comfortable mattresses, fluffy pillows nor lightweight and warm down duvets.

What we do offer is an experience while reading a book (or comic book).
An experience shared by everyone at least once : the blissful "instant of falling asleep"

The hotel’s books—none of which are actually for sale—come in both English (for tourists) and Japanese (for locals looking for a unique night away) and are furnished by Tokyo’s ultra-hip Shibuya Publishing and Booksellers bookstore.

Prices for a stay at Book and Bed vary, depending on bunk size and the timing of the reservation, running anywhere from around $35 to $45 per night. That includes hotel-wide Wi-Fi, in case you prefer to swipe a screen rather than turn a page.

[Via Bored Panda; images via Book and Bed (Kastuhiro AOKI ©R­STORE 2015)]

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