Mother who died of cancer left a hilarious and poignant letter for her friends and family.

“I’m here. But no longer in the crappy body that turned against me.”

Image via Facebook

Before she lost her life to breast cancer, Heather McManamy, 36, of McFarland, Wisconsin, wrote a final goodybye to her friends and family and gave it to her husband to post on Facebook after she passed away. It’s a life-affirming, funny, and poignant goodbye that’s also an instruction manual for how she’d like people to discuss her passing with her 4-year-old daughter, Brianna. McManamy’s views on her death are powerful without being sentimental. “Please, please, please do not tell Brianna that I am in heaven. In her mind, that means that I chose to be somewhere else and left her,” McManamy wrote.

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