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Can a Lil Wayne Parody Inspire Kids to Write?

A Los Angeles Teacher riffs on a popular hip-hop song to show his students that writing is cool.

"It's time to liberate the youngsters and get them to write 'til the ink goes dry." That's the mantra of Low-T, an anonymous Los Angeles teacher, in his new hip-hop track "Writer's Ball." The catchy song, a parody of the Lil Wayne and Cory Gunz hit "Six Foot Seven Foot" is designed to motivate students to express themselves with pen and paper. Low-T rhymes:

"You wouldn't eat food, unless it had flavor
Listen to you feelings and put it on paper
Words are to a writer as paint is to a painter
Don't you stress on nothing 'cause we proof-reading later
Think about your audience and what you think they ought to know
Celebrate the words you write, our class is just a talent show
Don't you fear no mockery 'cause this is where we ought to be
We elevate each other just like we are a family."

The creative teacher says that in today's educational climate "with its bubble-test mania, schools have pretty much abandoned writing." Low-T's eighth graders are never tested on their actual writing skills. "They never have to write a single word to demonstrate "proficiency" in English language arts," he says.

Low-T hopes students will listen to the track outside class and begin to see themselves as skilled wordsmiths. The rhymes in "Writer's Ball" are so catchy that students are sure to start bobbing their heads to it. Once they hear that "even Lil Wayne is writing with analogies," perhaps they'll be inspired to do the same.

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