Can a Video Game Teach Compassion and Grit? Can a Video Game Teach Compassion and Grit?

Can a Video Game Teach Compassion and Grit?

by Jenny Inglee Imagination Foundation

January 30, 2014

While studying at Harvard, an academic once told Trip Hawkins to "stop wasting his time monkeying around with games."

This was an important piece of the game for Hawkins and the team of SEL experts.

Social and emotional learning, according to Toben, is so much about human connection, interaction, intuition, sensitivity as well as direct response. When she first talked to Hawkins about the game, she said she even thought, "How could this be a genuinely teachable moment for children?"

As Hawkins told her his ideas about the characters, how they would have dilemmas and choices in the moment and direct interaction, she became excited about the possibilities.

"The reality," she said, "is that iPhones and computers are part of children's lives and when they do interact with them, it needs to be something of quality."

When SEL skills are valued and practiced, Toben said, "they transform communities from places of hurtful and inauthentic communication to places where compassion and honesty thrive."

And perhaps IF… is just the game to propel our children in this world-changing direction.

A free version of IF… will be released for the iPad in February. In April it will be available at the App store for $4.99. If you're in Los Angeles, join IF You Can's chief learning officer, Jessica Berlinski on Wednesday, January 29th at the HUB LA for the Imagination Foundation's first Imagination Salon of the year! The evening's topic: 'What 'IF...' A Video Game Could Teach Kids Empathy?' Click here for more details and to RSVP.

Jenny Inglee is the Imagination Curator at the Imagination Foundation—a nonprofit thats mission is to find, foster, and fund creativity and entrepreneurship in kids around the world.

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Can a Video Game Teach Compassion and Grit?