Can This Fun LEGO Footbridge Encourage Pedestrian Traffic?

Would you walk more places if this bridge were by you?

The footbridge is underrated. It really doesn't get enough love, though we can't figure out why. They're necessary, functional, and economical, packing a lot of sculptural form in a neat, capsule-sized dose. Call them flyovers, elevated paths, people-movers, or whatever, we love them.

And we really like this new footbridge design by architect Michael Jantzen, who's known for his eccentric designs (see this Transformer house for proof). This pedestrian bridge is particularly cool because it looks like it's made out of LEGOs. Seen from the roadway, that is, in elevation, the structure appears to be a large mass of the plastic bricks, with a stepped outline that could have been lifted from an 8-bit video game. According to Jantzen, the bridge, which is just a concept for now, can be made out of any material, though he's thinking pre-cast concrete would be best.

Jantzen says the design reimagines what a footbridge can be. His version comprises three parallel rows; the outer two are undulating paths that sandwich a smooth, rolling ramp. "Those who want to exercise more vigorously while crossing the bridge, might want to take the stairs. Those on a bike, skateboard, or wheelchair, might choose to use the ramp," he says.