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Chelsea Clinton To Ivanka Trump: “Talk To Your Dad”

The younger Clinton calls Donald out on his sketchy plans for women

Chelsea Clinton (Getty Images)

Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump—only daughters of the aggrieved rivals that share their names—are buddies. (If you didn’t know that, feel free to take a moment to process.) But this week, Chelsea Clinton took the gloves off, challenging her friend to talk tough with her dad about equal pay for women.

It happened during a Facebook Live event with Cindy Leive, Glamour magazine’s editor-in-chief. Leive asked the younger Clinton about a speech Ivanka Trump gave at the RNC last week. That speech had been largely well-received, a moment where Donald Trump was humanized by his daughter.

Leive was interested in Clinton’s reaction to one particular segment of the speech, when Ivanka “"talked about how [her father] would fight for equal pay for equal work and would focus on making quality child care accessible for all."

Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton at a Glamour party in 2014 (Getty Images)

Without much of a pause, according to CBS News, Clinton said she would like to ask Ivanka Trump “that question: ‘How would your father do that?’”

"Given it's not something that he has spoken about, there are no policies on any of those fronts that you just mentioned on his website—not last week, not this week," she said. "So I think the 'how' question is super important. In politics as it is in life."

The candidates’ daughters are similar in age (Clinton is 36, while Trump is 34), and have been friendly since they were introduced by their husbands years ago. The media gleefully noted a cooling period in the friendship this spring, once the rivalry between their parents heated up in earnest. Still, Ivanka Trump told People earlier this week: “"Our friendship has never been about politics. I don't expect it will be about politics in the future."

It would appear that politics are simply too pervasive (and vital) right now to not seep into the previously neutral friendship.

Clinton continued to Leive on Tuesday: "It’s something I hope would matter to that traditional Republican voter," she said, noting that Trump's nebulous proposals could be adding trillions of dollars to the national debt. "Social progress should also come with social responsibility and fiscal responsibility."

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